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    Salar de Uyuni
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The official website of the Presidency of Bolivia. Read the Bolivian Constitution, Bolivian laws, virtual visit to Government Palace, speeches relating to the Presidency of the country, and much more.


One of the biggest touristic attractions of Bolivia, don't miss the magnificent view of the “SALAR DE UYUNI” (Salt Flats), is like being in a different world. See photos and listen to radios of Uyuni  - Bolivia


If you need statistical information about Bolivia, visit this site. Statistics about population, demographics, businesses, commerce, jobs, health, education, etc.

Bolivia in your hands

Visit Bolivia in the internet, Pictures of several cities, and places of interest: Tiwanacu, Titicaca Lake and other attractions.

 Bolivian Consulate - Washington DC

Bolivian General Consul in Washington DC. Information on pasaports, visas, Identification Cards, and other consulate services.


Find out about the activies of Bolivian communities in the United States.

Bolivian Radios

Listen music and news from Bolivia and the radio of your favority city.

Turism in Bolivia

If you plan to visit Bolivia start your trip at this site. Information about cities, events, recommended sites to visit in Bolivia. "Bolivia is waiting for you".

News From Bolivia

Get up to date with Bolivian news. This website brings to you news papers with the largest circulation in Bolivia.





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