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We left behind our parents, brothers and sisters, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts, cousins and friends. We left seeking a chance and opportunity of a better life.

Yet once here we long for our food, picante de pollo, chicharrón, cuñape, majadito, our llajua, our salteñas, and most of all we miss our families and our Bolivian friends. We look for old friends and we try to make new friends. We attend our parties and we invite our friends, we dance in Carnival and celebrate August 6 (Our Independence Day). We enjoy listening and dancing to our music and enjoy singing our songs and almost always before we depart, we all sing "Viva mi Patria Bolivia".

A group of friends wanted to make these gatherings accessible not only to a small group of friends but make them inclusive to the Bolivian community and their friends. On January 11, 1989 Claudio Cossio, Javier Sichori, Jacqueline Sichori, Ramiro Corrales, Marcela Corrales, Jenny Corrales, Silvana Valdivia, Jose Antonio Kredler, Nestor Ballesteros, Juan-Carlos Torres and Tatiana Torres met and founded Renacer Boliviano and the dream of our founder Claudio Cossio became reality.


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