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2017 Donations

Donations for - Burgosmarka - El Alto


Renacer Boliviano donated to Burgosmarka of El Alto de La Paz seven bushels of sugar, five boxes of oil, sixteen cans of milk and 8 bushels of rice. The photos show the building that houses children from 1 to 18 years, also show the classroom, the children’s accommodations and the donations presented to the director of the institution and the solicitor of funds for non-profit institution.

Donations for - Kusisqua Warmi

Kusisqua Warmi is a non-profit Institution that assists physically abused women. Kusisqua Warmi provides counseling, psychological assistance and follow-up of cases. Renacer Boliviano donated to Kusisqua Warmi didactic material, cleaning materials, four heaters and a laptop necessary to document cases.

Donations for - Centro de Educación Especial - Trinidad

“El Centro de Educación Especial” - Center of Special Education provides education to children with various degrees of disability. Renacer Boliviano donated materials for art work and crafts, such as: brushes, paints, sandpaper, nails, staplers, varnishes, also wool, yarns, fabric of tocuyo, various types of needles, medical supplies such as aneroid tensiometer, Otoscope, medications and an amplification system.

The photos show the Center's facilities, craftwork made by students in wood, in fabrics, children joyfully enjoying the music from the amplification system and two of the photos show murals product of the work of two students with the help of a teacher who volunteers his help and service to the Center.

Donations for - Club de Madres de la Candelaria - Rurrenabaque  

El Club de Madres de la Candelaria received two ovens for baking bread and other pastries.

The photos show the bakery in Rurrenabaque with the old ovens, one of the ovens could not properly close the door and the other the flame went off, creating a hazardous situation. The photos also show the two donated new ovens and the delicious pastries made by Las Madres de la Candelaria.

This non-profit institution is an Association of mothers in need that supplement their income backing bread and pastries to provide for the care of their children and families. The ladies work 3 rotating shifts and the proceeds of the bread and pastries sales are distributed equitably.

Donations for - Centro Terapéutico Puntiti


Thank you very much to the Bolivian community in Chicago
and all our friends that assist to our events and contribute
to our cause by consuming the beverages and food that
Renacer Boliviano sells in our events.


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