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  Our Mission 

The mission of Renacer Boliviano is “To assist the needy in Bolivia, and its community in the United States of America, and disseminate the Bolivian culture”. 

To economically support our mission we organize several events throughout the year, Carnaval Dance Party, Summer Fest, Gala Dance Party of 6 de agosto, and presentation of Bolivian folkloric groups. The proceeds of these events are ear marked for donations to Bolivian institutions.

Gives us great pride to mention that all Renacer Boliviano members donate their time and effort to achieve the altruistic mission of the organization, and that no member receives remuneration.

In the past we have donated to various institutions (Please see list in the tab "Past Donations"). We want to help to the homeless children, the elder, hospitals and people lacking the most basic needs. We are far from, and cannot pretend that we can solve big problems, yet we would like to help with the needs of the hungry, with shoes to the shoeless. Our reward is to see a smile in the faces of our Bolivian children and our Bolivian brothers.

Renacer Boliviano, Inc., is registered in the state of Illinois, EEUU, as a 503c not for profit organization. 



 To request donations from Renacer Boliviano
contact our Director of Charitable Contributions
(Please see "About Us/Board of Directors") 


2022 Events

For future programs, please visit us soon



Please consider supporting our efforts.